System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Distribution Job Queue Manager

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Configuration Manager 2012
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I thought I might do a quick blog about this particular tool that I have used a lot since upgrading to R2. I think it offers real value for the average Config Manager Administrator.

So you’ve just created that new Driver Package and have kicked off replication to all your Distribution Points, no doubt most have bandwidth throttling during business hours. Any idea how far its progressed? Nope. Any idea which DP’s have had content replicated and which ones haven’t? Not easily. Sound familiar? Want to test your OSD Task Sequence and at a glance see when the content is on the DP local to your Hyper V instance so you can start? This was one of many sources of frustration for me.


Well fear not, there is a new tool that comes with the latest Toolkit for Config Manager 2012 R2 which vastly improves on what I think it a pretty limited pane of information provided in the Console.

The latest toolkit is available here to download:

Once installed, open up the Distribution Point Job Queue Manager and we are met with the initial connection screen. Type in the Primary Site Server that your interested in and hit CONNECT, note you need to do this as an account with the ‘full administrator’ role assigned. I don’t bother typing the FQDN just the hostname.

Once connected you can start experiencing what its like to actually know what is happening with those DP’s of yours. No more opening up PkgXferMgr.log with CMTrace, which is what I was doing with 2012 Sp1 prior to the release of R2 and certainly no more hitting refresh on that console waiting for that yellow circle to turn green.


There are 3 others tabs which give you varying informational displays about the progress of your package or application distribution with a useful auto refresh function. If you are distributing a medium to large packages and its taking a while, the tool will give you the replication progress as a percentage. You can also change the order of each job if you want a package or application to replicate to one DP before another. This is particularly useful if for some reason a package starts replicating to a site with a slow link with only a small % of that available for Configuration Manager to use for distribution. It’s worth noting that Configuration Manager will remember which DP’s are fastest and then replicate content in that order – fastest to slowest in a classic DP structure.




I’m sure some of you are pretty happy with what’s in the console presently, however this tool has provided that increased level of awareness and time management that just wasn’t there for me due to the large number of DP’s I have with limited bandwidth.

Happy Replicating,

Cheers Damon

  1. Franz Schenk says:

    Why istn’t this tool supported on a central site?

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