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Here are some various tips and tricks that you may or may not want to include in your Windows 10 reference image / deployment process that I have implemented recently.


Consider not using it with Windows 10. I’ve found that it:

  • Doesn’t capture start menu layouts correctly
  • Prevents the import-startlayout command from working as the default user profile’s ntuser.dat overrides the layoutmodification.xml file that is copied to C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Layoutmodification.xml


Adding language packs

  • Download your language pack cabinet file ( and create a new package in Configuration Manager.
  • Add an additional Run Command Line step to your Task Sequence prior to your Install Software Updates step – I’ve called my step Add Windows 10 Language Pack
  • Select your language package that you have created and enter a command line of cmd.exe /c dism.exe /online /add-package /packagepath:”%CD%”
  • Be sure to check Disable 64-bit file system redirection as we are calling dism.exe in the command line


Adding Desktop Icons for Default User

  • I’m using the age old process of loading the default user registry hive and modifying the registry to affect a change against the default user profile. This is mainly because I’m not using copyprofile with my Windows 10 reference image.
  • To add the Computer, Network and User Files icons and remove the One Drive setup from being launched when a user logs in for the first time we can create a reg file and merge that during a Task Sequence.
  • Create your reg file with the following contents, you can modify as desired (be careful with the inverted commas as my blog website tends to mess with them, so open in notepad and remove and retype).

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;Add Documents, Network and add My Computer to Desktop

  • Create a new package in Configuration Manager with the registry file added as a source. No program is required.
  • Add the following steps to your Task Sequence to load the default user registry hive, run the reg file and unmount it. Reference your new package in the 3rd step.
  • Load Default User Registry Hive – cmd.exe /c reg.exe load HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\defuser c:\users\default\ntuser.dat2015-11-11_134409
  • Import Default User Preference


  • Commit and unload default user registry hive


Importing a Default Start Menu Layout File

  • I’ve created and imported a default start menu using the Jorgen Nilsson’s blog here


Using Group Policy to Show search icon

  • To only show the search icon in the taskbar rather than the full search box use the following group policy preference. This sets a registry item called SearchboxTaskbarMode with a Dword value of 1 for the key HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search